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The Devil May Care

I feel like shit and I miss Philly now more than ever. I want to go back. I hate it here.

I might not be online for a few days.



Psychopaths are so interesting like I want to hangout with one and ask questions until they get bored and stab me

Why is it not surprising to me that this is the second most popular post from the “Kurt Cobain didn’t die for this!!!!111” girl.

Someone being a psychopath is not interesting, it’s a mental illness.
Not to mention that mentally ill people are 2.5 times more likely to be murder victims than murders.

But nice try at being edgy and cool.



Kurt Cobain didn’t die to become a cute tank top at Urban Outfitters

he also didn’t die to become the figurehead for a group of self-righteous immature pseudo-misanthropic teens who act like nirvana is some super-exclusive band for only a select few people and who like to put words in his mouth to a) dehumanize him and b) stroke their own egos…..that aint none of my business though


Also, uh, he didn’t die for some fucking cause, he killed himself.

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